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  • Being a farmer is not exactly easy with all the hills and mountains around. Yet, growing potatoes, corn, and cacao is what you love; and the landscape is wild, stunningly beautiful, and … full of llamas?!
  • Fitting your fields in giddy heights, you collect crops to obtain the coveted llama cards. These let you place a llama in your tableau and score victory points at the end
  • Keep an eye out for the objectives to score additional victory points before your opponents do. And do not be shy to ask the locals for help! In the end, the most successful farmer who scores the most victory points wins
  • Luckily the Llamas are a big help! By fitting your fields in giddy heights you will gain the necessary crops in order to obtain the desired llama cards. These cards not only provide victory points, but they also allow you to place a llama on your farm
  • English Version | Ages 10+ | 2-4 Players | 45 Minutes Playing Time

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