Magic The Gathering: 30th Anniversary Edition display


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Det her er et helt særligt produkt, vi har kun den ene 🙂

der vil være særlige fragt for denne, det er muligt at den inde for en radius, bliver personligt afleveret.


***bemærk at dette ikke er til stede i butikken***


30th Anniversary Edition is a commemorative, collectible, non-tournament-legal product celebrating 30 years of Magic. Each display-worthy box includes four 15-card Booster Packs.

Each booster contains:

  • Each booster has a 30% chance of a Retro-frame rare, for a total of two rares in those boosters
  • All ten dual lands drop twice as frequently as any other rare
  • 2 Retro-frame Cards (1 card of any rarity, 1 basic land)
  • 13 Modern-frame Cards (1 rare, 3 uncommon, 7 common, 2 basic lands)
  • 1 Token with Limited Edition Alpha art
  • There are 297 cards to collect in each frame (for a total of 594 cards) and 16 tokens
  • Keep an eye out for a special common Sol Ring with a brand-new art crop

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